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About The Blogger



Hi my name Is Jeff and I’m a full time blogger. I’m also a full time Traveling Wind Turbine Technician and part time business startup entrepreneur. For most people who don’t know what wind turbines are. A wind turbine is a power generating device that is driven by the kinetic energy of the wind. Or most people call them fans lol

I started off working at Babies R Us for 2 years up in New Hampshire. But shortly after that I grew tired of working retail and wanted to further myself so I decided to go to a School called NW-REI up in Vancouver, Washington. Once I completed that program I accepted a job in Holland, Michigan for a Composite Technician at a startup wind turbine blade factory. i worked there for about 6 before the plant shutdown but luckily I was hired by another company for a composite technician but this role i got to travel 100% which was exciting.

I was excited to start traveling, my first wind farm I worked up was in Guymon, Oklahoma. These wind turbines are about 300 feet in the air which for most is pretty scary but for me it was exciting!! Then from there the last job i ended up at was GE Renewable as a Traveling Wind Energy Specialist. I’m glad I got to travel for 6 years of my wind career. I’ve been to all 50 states, been to Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Denmark.

The thing I loved most about a traveling job was I got to eat all around the world and my meals were completely free!! Then shortly after I decided to quit traveling since its 100% so not much of a life you can have. So that’s a little about my background, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learning more about being vegan/vegetarian, recipes, DIY and much more!!